Chilled Snow Day


Cee’s B & W Challenge – Chilled

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Zig Zag

Zebra Zig Zag 



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Letter Z

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Suspicious Tree Pod



Daily Prompt – Suspicious

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Yellow Glass



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Letter Y

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Snake Scare

After Hurricane Irma passed through my neighborhood, the screens on our back porch were torn down. Living in a wild life preserve and on a lake I expected to see nature traveling on my lanai floor. This creature was pointed out to us by our brave guardian cat, King Pelu. He was sitting, staring into the corner. We had no idea what was there. On closer inspection, my husband saw this tail and, then the head of a very long and creepy looking snake. We were told it’s poisonous. I suppose it’s the reason our cat was just staring. I quickly took these two photos while screaming and running in the opposite direction. I was saved by the two men in my life: my hubby and my cat.

If you know anything about snakes, could you tell me what type this is and if it’s dangerous?

The Daily Post – Creature

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Beloved Church

When I think of what the word beloved means to me, I always seem to visualize it in a religious image. 

I like to photograph churches, inside and outside, crosses and images of saints.

This is the alter in a small little church we stopped to visit on a tour through the island of Aruba.

It’s very primitive in that it isn’t ornate like some other churches I’ve photographed.

Yet, saintly spirituality permeated the alter.

A rustic hewn wooden cross sits atop the steeple.

Although there are benches and padded kneeling inside,

most people sit and listen to the service outside on concrete benches.

There is no air-conditioning in the church. Aruba is an island with very hot temperatures.

In fact, there are cactus on the island as it gets very little rain.

People walk for miles to worship in this little charming church.

I hope you enjoy my visit to this charming church.

©Isadora DeLaVega

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

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Xylobium Orchids

The genus Xylobium is in the Orchidaceae family in the major group Angiosperms (Flowering plants). I Xylobium is abbreviated Xyl in horticultural trade. There are about 37 species native to tropical America. Angiosperms are seed-bearing vascular plants. Their reproductive structures are flowers in which the ovules are enclosed in an ovary. Angiosperms are found in almost every habitat from forests and grasslands to sea margins and deserts. info – wikipedia
The plants can be found from Mexico to Brazil. They have elongated pseudobulbs with around three round leaves.
They grow best in defused light with warm temperatures. The humidity should stay between 40% – 70%. Water the plants regularly during growing season while allowing the roots to dry out thoroughly before the next watering.
To prevent leaf fungus or rot avoid water from touching the leaves. Reduce watering in winter. Pot your orchid plants in 75% fine bark and 25% perlite or in full sphagum moss.
This photo was taken at this years Englewood Orchid show in March. I didn’t purchase it. I have another similar with color color. But, they are irresistible. ©info wikipedia

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Letter X

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Puzzled Faces

Art 2016 Selby Face 1024.web

     Puzzled©Isadora DeLaVega


“How puzzling all these changes are! 

I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another.”
©Lewis Carroll – ‘Alice in Wonderland’


Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a Theme 

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A mural of puzzled faces on the outside wall of the

William G. and Marie Selby Gallery, Sarasota, Florida.

Sound of Silence



Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

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Ancient Steps to History

These steps lead to the view of the pyramids recently discovered in Mexico.

Photographed when on our tour.


Cee’s Black and White Challenge – Open Topic

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