Weekly Photo Challenge – Springtime in Prospective

Flower attached to tree.webFloating Orchid ©photography by Isadora

Ochid bud close-up framed.web

Magenta Flutter ©photography by Isadora

Butterfl Orchid Tree.web

This is a Butterfly Orchid tree. It was my 50th birthday gift from my children and husband. It was a scraggly little 5 year old tree when it was first planted. It has grown to be quite majestic in 16 years. It has survived 2 hurricanes.
Yes … it was completely uprooted by hurricane Charley in 2004.

For my birthday, a huge party with family and friends was planned. A photo of me at age 3 was poster sized for my guests to be photographed next to. A journal was passed around throughout the evening for my guests to write their thoughts about me, the evening they were enjoying and guidance for the years to come. A page next to their thoughts was left blank for me to place the much photographed poster photo of me and them. It turned out to be a wonderfully superior gift. The idea of everyone expressing their thoughts about you is humbling.

Music poured out for those who wanted to enjoy dancing. It was a sweltering July evening which meant many were in the swimming pool. Conversation overflowed from the walls inside. Foodies had the pleasure to satiate their appetites on a variety of delightful fares.

A ribbon cutting was planned for this sweet gift. A bottle of champagne was set aside for the ribbon cutting. I thought the champagne would serve us best in a glass. And so … we drank to the little tree that would turn out to be a true survivor.

I was told it was a Japanese Butterfly Orchid tree. The flowers are used in leis. I have made little leis with the flowers. I place them on my guests when they come for dinner when the tree is in bloom. I wear them in my hair. The tree blooms in spring and continues all through the summer. The leaves imitate the wings on a butterfly when the wind is blowing through and they flutter like wings. I don’t know if that is its proper name.

Do You know???


Copyright 2014©written by Isadora

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    • I’ve called it that name because I was told that’s the name. The flowers don’t really have the look of an orchid. The flower is that exact color. I didn’t alter it. It’s a beautiful tree that’s been through a lot – sorta like me. ~~~~ : – )


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