Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Art – Selfie

Street Art 2- microspoic view.web

An artist using technology to create a Selfie. She had her camera set up so we could take a photo of her taking a photo of herself. It was so ingenious.

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On a recent outing with my hubby, we came across a Street Art Festival in Sarasota, Florida. The weather was incredibly beautiful. The skies a quiet blue with puffy white clouds and a soothing breeze to keep everyone comfortable as they meandered among the artwork being created by artists from all over the United States. There was a high school and grammar school area for those promising new artists; plus a children area where they got to make their own creations.

Street Art nurse 2.web

Street Art chalks.web
Equipped with a few colorful chalks and an image to copy the creations soared.

Eye - American Flag.web

Street Art - Glenn Miller.web
Glenn Miller was a great band leader who volunteered for service in 1942, leading the army Air Force Band. While en route to France to perform for the troops, his plane went down over the English Channel. Glenn Miller is still listed MIA but his music live on. Can you name a song?

Street Art - Placida Artist.web
A local artist from Sarasota who teaches art classes and sells her artwork in Englewood, Florida.

Street Art - American Flag - Eagle - GW.web
The Bald Eagle

Street Art - Photography of GW 1.web Photo artist created the chalk art from …

Street Art - George Washinton and horse.web President George Washington

Street Art - George Washington.web

Street Art - glamour girl.web
Pin-Up Girl during the war

Betsy Ross - flag 2.web

A tremendous feat to create this masterpiece on your knees which will disappear by the following day once the traffic is allowed to use the street again.

John F. Kennedy.web President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Street Ar - Statue of Liberty.webYes … the theme was a patriotic one. The voluntary donations by the public were proceeds being collected for the families of the troops. All of the artists volunteered their time to this project.

Street Art - front of Statue of Liberty.web
Statue of Liberty

Street Art purple haired girl.web
Children’s Chalk Street Art – Emily – age 5

Street Art by 14 year old
Children’s Chalk Street Art – Robbie – age 14

Street ARt - Big Red Heart 2.web

Happy Valentine Day!!!!!

Want More Selfies???

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Conejo Blanco
Although, this post is late for CCBH challenge hosted by Marianne at
http://eastofmalaga.net/ I’d like to add it since it fits her challenge so well.
Marianna has a CCBH challenge each month. You have lots of time to post – well – except me. Lol
Hope on over and see what’s next –

Cheri Lucas Rowlands has challenged us to snap a selfie with your camera phone or camera. In the shot above, Feel free to get creative and clever, and if you don’t want to share a photo of yourself, think of a way to approach this challenge in a different way. (Hint: silhouettes and shadows are your friends.) A selfie doesn’t have to be all about you; it can reveal much more, given the elements you choose to include. To join in –

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Art – Selfie

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    • The work it took to create them was huge. They were very generous to donate their time.
      Youth – when my knees would have been able to be tortured for hours on concrete.
      It’s lovely to see the new generation with their passion for ART.
      Glad you enjoyed them, Gilly. There were many more I took but selected these..


  2. Wow! These are absolutely stunning Issy! I would stay there all day long and admire their stunning work! Great shots and entry hon. Love it! 😀 *hugs*


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    • I envy their talent and stamina, Sylvia. They are on their knees or
      bums for hours. They’re really dedicated to giving back to the community.
      Glad you enjoyed the photos. There were a lots more but editing became a
      bit tedious.
      As always, Thank You for stopping by and commenting.
      Issy xo


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