Infinite Galaxy

Infinite Galaxy # 2-framed.webInfinite Galaxy artwork by Al De La Vega

Art is the outer vesture of love. Art, like love, is a force of oneness with the infinite. When we create a piece of art, we are really re-creating or reflecting some beauty of the Infinite.”

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8 thoughts on “Infinite Galaxy

  1. Wonderful choice …. very cheery artwork!! 😀

    Izzy — is your signature a watermark? I may need a lesson on how to make one and use it!! I have not been successful as of yet — but I will persist!


    • The signature isn’t a watermark. I just switched to an Apple and I am getting lessons. Next week, I have a photo lesson.
      I was going to ask about that. I can let you know but sometimes Apple things are a little different because they don’t have – Windows. Everything is “I” something – i.e.: ipad, iPhoto,Ipage, etc.
      I have the PhotoSHop Advanced program that has watermark in there somewhere but I am still learning that program, too. I do much better with visual learning so classes are my way to go.
      Keep searching and trying …. ~~~~ : – )


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