Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

Cafe al Bacio.webCafé al Bacio

Gelateria Cafe.webGalleria Cafe

Bar - Cellar Master - wine.webCellar Masters Bar

Cellar Masters.webCellar Master Lounge

Martini Bar.webMartini Bar

Grand Staircase.webGrand Staircase

Photo’s by Isadora – Celebrity Constellation Ship

Want to See More – Inside



Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside to join in –

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

    • This is one gorgeous ship. Everything is luxurious but still very comfortable.
      The 1st image is of the gelato bar.
      The 2nd image is of the coffee café.
      The 3rd is a wine bar.
      The 4th is where you sit after the wine tasting since you can’t reach your room. hahaha or some people read a book in those comfy chair.
      The 5th is the martini bar. We all know what they serve there.
      The 5th is a perfect photo spot.
      It is indeed a grand ship.


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    • They are very opulent. We cruised on this ship twice as we loved the size – smaller than the big monster ships – and it had a fabulous staff. We don’t care where they go. We just like to be on the open water smelling the salty air as the ship cruises along. Any info on crusin’ … I will be happy to answer.


        • We’ve thought about doing the Alaska cruises. I like the Celebrity line the best.
          We like a smaller ship. I don’t want to be with 4500 people. Boarding and unboarding
          is more stressful with the huge ships. It’s the only part I dislike about crusin’ but I’m not
          alone in that feeling. My friends have been on the Princess Line and like it but we never have.
          Let me know if you do the Alaska one. I’m curious about it.
          Toodles …
          Izzy xoxo


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    • Yes it is all on the ship. There were more lounges and bars. I thought this selection said quite enough.
      The ship is very beautiful. The best part is that it isn’t too large like the mega ships they’re building.
      Glad you enjoyed my pix’s for the challenge. xoxo


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