Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Loneliness

Crying TeenwebSometimes, we don’t say what we feel, not because we don’t want to, but because we don’t know how. Unknown author

Bulimia - Anoexia.webWhen you stop & smell the flowers, life is sweet. Witness the beauty in all that you meet.

Teen with Taped Mouth.webA smile of encouragement at the right moment may act like sunlight on a closed-up flower; it may be the turning point for a struggling life.

Wilted Yellow Daisy.webIt’s not just simply the destination, but also the journey!!

Before the school year ended at Charlotte High School for summer vacation, there was an exhibit by students who were in an advanced art and photography classes. I hadn’t planned on taking photos but as I viewed the artwork I began to notice a recurring subject pattern. There was a great deal of information in these works of art as you can see when you viewed them.
Due to the amount of people it was difficult to get a good photo without someone standing in the way. These aren’t well taken photos but they speak volumes as to where the emotions of our youth are.
Teens and adults are suffering daily with emotional issues. Something needs to be done to help them. Intimidation and bullying in any way is demeaning and cruel. It tears at the hearts of these helpless victims. They’re caught at vulnerable moments and feel helpless.
Fellow students are jealous of others for whatever they have or think they have and become angry and/or aggressive. The internet makes it easy for them to lash out and say things they would never said to their faces. Hurt and pain becomes a huge burden to some causing suicidal attempts that. At times, they are successful. It is sad. I am sorrowful for those who cannot find someone in their real life who can give them the comfort they need.

September 10th was World Suicide Prevention Day. It is not a public holiday.
World Suicide Prevention Day gives organizations, government agencies and individuals a chance to promote awareness about suicide, mental illnesses associated with suicide, as well as suicide prevention. Organizations such as the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and World Health Organization (WHO) play a key role in promoting this event. Information from web-site –

Artwork – Students of Charlotte High School Punta Gorda, Florida First Painting by Kiki Marcel – 11th Grade – Sticks and Stones

Everyone’s welcome to join! All you have to do is
– create a post of your own with the title Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Loneliness – include a link to this post also for others to find you.

13 thoughts on “Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Loneliness

    • It is indeed very sad, Gilly. I experienced lots of isolation when I was in school. My color was the only color in school.
      It’s difficult for me to see it happen to other in this supposed progressive world we live in.
      I had studied art therapy. I had no clue it would be a very needed field.
      Have a GREAT weekend, Gilly.


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