The Orchids New Shoes

Orchid - buds white pink 4 copy

Spring is the time of year for repotting orchids. I’ve started with this one. It is quite easy. I do the same way I would if I was repotting any plant. The orchids require bark instead of soil although I do use orchid potting mix whixh contains a slow release fertilizer.

Orchids like to have dry feet. Overwatering is their worse enemy. Fertilizing the orchids is the key for blooms. I water every two weeks. I ferilize with a diluted liquid fertilizer every three weeks but bring it down to every two weeks when I know they will be blooming soon. If I am going away I use fertilzer pellets which dissolve when you water. If you don’t want to cut the blooms they will last up to two monts. If you cut them and place them in a vase they will last up to two weeks.

Happy orchid growing ….

Orchid - buds white pink 4 copy

Ochids white pink center

Orchids - buds white pink 7 copy

Orchid buds white pink 5 (1024x841)

Orchid - buds white pink

Potting matierals #2

Orchid white roots

Orchids roots -overgrown

Ochid white repotted

Ochid white full view


14 thoughts on “The Orchids New Shoes

  1. My younger son got me one for Mothers day! I will follow your advice. In the past I am not very successful. Do they like to be root bound as well as dry?


    • If the orchid is in a plastic pot … repot immediately. They don’t get any moisture from those pots. The best ones are clay with a hole on the bottom. They do not like to have their feet wet. They love humidity so if you can’t remember if you watered it … just spray it with a mister throughly. They soak up the water with their leaves. A good way to give them a good watering when they are very dry is to let them hang out while it’s raining. Then get them in a place where they won’t get wet. If you want to collect rain water in a bucket or plastic container … then, you can soak the orchid by letting it sit in the bucket for about an hour. They will be good for at least 2 weeks. Also, having it visit your bathroom will give it lots of moisture each time you shower.
      It sounds like they’re fussy but they really aren’t They can take a good amount of neglect.
      Good Luck and have a Happy day ….


  2. Such intricate, delicate, and glorious creations of nature…and some of them looked like they were ready for some more room to dance! 🙂 Have fun playing in the dirt! 😉


    • This one was really root bound. I am so glad that I got some new shoes for her. As much as I love to repot and plant things, I have to have gloves. I tried doing it once without them and an ant had me screaming. hahaha
      Orchids can mesmerize you with their beauty. ~~~ : – )


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