Cee’s Photo Challenge – Wood

Tree - feallen - web Siesta Time Photography by Isadora


Cross on Fence # 2 web signed Savior Photography by Isadora

Wood: Leadership, assertiveness, creativity, planning, decision-making, competitiveness, conflict, anger, frustration
The photo challenge is about the – Chinese 5 Elements. They are metal, water, wood, fire and earth.


It is yang/masculine in character. The predominant attributes are considered to be strength and flexibility, as with bamboo. It is also associated with qualities of generosity and idealism. One quality of the Wood element is leadership. It is the leader within us, that can take charge and determine a plan of action. The wood is one that seeks always to grow and expand. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity.

Wood type people are often aggressive or assertive, direct, and can have a strong temper and a lot information – http://michaelshiesser

Here’s the link – http://www.ceephotography.com/2013/01/22/cees-fun-foto-challenge-wood/

12 thoughts on “Cee’s Photo Challenge – Wood

    • The first time I saw the photo the word sieata came to mind. I thought that tree looked tired and needed
      a nap. hahaha Actually, it was blown down during one of our worst hurricanes on this coast – Hurricane
      Charlie. Glad you liked it, Gilly. xoxo


    • The cross is on a fence that is at the entrance of a small church in Aruba.
      It was handmade and was placed on there by someone who attends the church.
      I’ll have to do a post on that church. It was small, quaint and charming.
      glad you enjoyed my entry come back and visit again.


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