Christmas tree Ornaments – A Tradition

Christmas tree Ornaments – A Tradition

As I unpack my boxes of Christmas decorations, my anticipation to get to the ornaments increases. I love the magic of Christmas. The twinkling lights; the scent of pine from the tree; cookies baking and family gatherings lurking around the corner are all reasons to bring a smile on anyone’s face. When I read the challenge this week WordPress wanted photo’s representing “Delicate”. The first things that came to mind were my Christmas ornaments. I have been making and collecting ornaments for 47 years. I don’t like a lot of things on display in my home. The décor is simple and plain. It helps keep the calm in my life. Clutter seems to represent mess. I don’t like messes. But, I’m fascinated with ornaments because they remind me of places I’ve traveled; or of a time when my children made them for me; or people have gifted them to me. Because I’ve collected them for so long I have quite a few. My goal each year is to be able to put them on the tree without them looking cluttered. The artistic brain goes into operation. It may take me up two three days to place them all on the tree. This is all to my delight. I enjoy doing it. I love the stories and memories that each one has. I like reminiscing about them while I slowly unpack them and, then, place each one on the tree. They bring a smile to my face. I hope that they do the same for you.
Merry Christmas…!!!

Do you have a Cultural or Christmas tradition?

This is one of my traditions. Be sure to look for my new posts on some other traditions I have.

Lenox Crystal Ornament web signed

Pink Boa Ornament (675x1024)


Blue Glass Angel Ornament (643x1024) seb-si

Purple Boa Ornament web-si

Lorraine's Ornament web signed (842x1024)

Purple Lady Ornament web-si

Disney Ornament (800x584)

Carousel & knit Bell Ornament web-si

Red Round ornament (2) (965x1024) web signed


Chocolate Donut Ornament web-si


Pirate Ornament web-si

Cupcake Ornament (588x800) web-si

Ballet Slipper Ornament (782x800) web-si

Stripped Snow Ornament

Various Ornaments -2

Blown Glass ornament (558x800)

Inspire-Me-Monday-Button-1502[1]<Create with Joy: Inspire me Monday – Week 50

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14 thoughts on “Christmas tree Ornaments – A Tradition

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  3. The Ladies are so lovely. I’ve never seen anything like them. Beautiful, just like you, Izzy!

    I don’t even decorate for the holidays. I used to, for my son’s sake. But holidays are more stress than pleasure for me. That wasn’t always the case. When I was little, I loved the excitement around picking a tree and then decorating it. But my bossy older sister always told me I was decorating the tree “wrong.” Then my bossy ex-husband did the same thing to me. I just avoid the whole thing now and appreciate the decorating efforts of others!


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