Occupy the Blogosphere – Just Dance

Occupy the Blogosphere – Just Dance

Just Dance

Inside of each of us is a dancer. There’s a part of us that responds freely to music. The music of life but somewhere along the way we become guarded. Our fears restrict us, and eventually we dismiss whatever gifts we have to offer. Sometimes, it is too late. Make today the day you let you dance. Whether it’s in the privacy of your home or on a downtown street, stop and twirl, skip or hop, click your heels or do the twist. Don’t worry about what people think. Let yourself hear the music. In that dance, breathe out fear and breathe in celebration, freedom, joy and love.

Life Dance

The person, who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.
~Leo F. Buscaglia

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28 thoughts on “Occupy the Blogosphere – Just Dance

  1. A very evocative pic Issy. It means and says so much to me personally.
    My wife Ondrea, was accepted into the Royal Ballet School at 11 years old. She had been going to dance class since she was 3. At 18 she became a professional dancer and started taking American Jazz classes with a lady called Molly Malloy at The Dance Centre in London.
    Throughout the late 60’s and mid 70’s she was one of the ‘chosen few’, a regular at the London Palladium and many, many TV shows. We met on the Englebert Humperdinck Show (I was a drummer) in 1969.
    We married in ’73 started raising a family in ’76. She gave up her career to bring up out three marvellous boys, and did a fantastic job.
    In 1975 she was diagnosed with Remitting and Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis, and since 2009 Primary Progressive MS. She has been confined to a wheelchair for the past 3 years.
    I am her main Carer now and I love her dearly and, I admire her for her strength, she will always be my ballet dancer.
    God (if he is there) sure works in mysterious ways….”Oh, so you are a dancer….Ok lets take your legs!”

    Thank you for the photo.
    Wales UK


    • This photo touched my heart. As a dancer – and I’m sure your wife can atest to this – it is your life. I never found it to be work or burdening. It is who you are. The years have taken their tolls and I, too, have had knee and hip issues because of it. I regret none of it. My wish is if I could find a genie would be to have my mobility to dance again restored. It is in my blood.
      I feel for you and your wife. My niece has MS. It is a dibilitating disease. She is 28 years old. It is hard to see the ones we love unable to enjoy the things they treasured and loved so much. Of course, your love will continue to fulfill what she can no longer do.
      Blessings and embraces to your both ….


      • Many, many thanks Issy. I am so sorry for your niece to be cursed with the disease at such a young age, please God they will have found a cure before she is too old to take advantage of it.
        Warm wishes


        • I worked with children that were 5 or 6. They had Down Syndrome. They were very happy all the time. Of course, kids, now, want so much that they get frustrated and rebellious if they don’t get it. They are on their own too much due to working parents. They don’t respect their parents or other adults. AND … of course, they do drugs. Lots of drugs. My hubby was an NYPD officer in a neighborhood where even a police officer wasn’t respected. It’s a changed world. All we can do is monitor ourselves and our family.
          Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thought provoking comment.


  2. Awesome post, Izzy … very powerful indeed! I see you’ve started a new blog … is the other still up? I have been traveling, and the connection in the hotels have been poor and very frustrating, so I haven’t been able to keep up!! 🙂


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