Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral Fading Rose


A Brief Stay                                                                  2015©photography by Isadora


Flower Bathtub man ephemreal.web

Flower pink 3 ephemeral.web


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

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Bench Series March -Wooden – Artwork


This artistic bench is one of many at Charlotte Harbor Peace River park.

The wooden bench was painted to commemorate the establishment of

Charlotte County in 1862. Each artist chose their own design.



Jude at Travel Words is hosting a monthly Bench Challenge.

March is Wooden Benches

First March entry – Quiet Respite

Sit a Spell

Odd-Ball-A-firepit.webSit a Spell                                                                   2015©photography by Isadora

I know a few artists who live on acreage. They have backyard firepits on cool evenings.

Everyone’s welcome. Just brings a lawn chair, beer and some chips.

It’s a fun way to hang out with friends and enjoy the cooler temps while having conversations.

The person having this firepit didn’t think it would be a problem to get this log started.

Mmmm … think again.


Cee hosts an Odd Ball Challenge each week.

Odd Ball Photos are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.

We’ve all taken them and like them, because we just can’t hit delete and get rid of them.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh – Greek Salad

Fresh-Greek-Salad-3A.web Greek Salad                                                           2015©photography by Isadora

Salads are my food staple. At times, I may eat fresh fish. On a very, very rare occasion, I may eat red meat but revert back immediately. I never eat chicken, lamb, pork, buffalo or any other type of meat. Greek salad is my favorite as are other salads I make fresh everyday. 


Greek Salad                                                  2015©photography by Isadora

Greek salad (Greek: χωριάτικη σαλάτα [xorˈjatiki saˈlata] “rustic salad” or θερινή σαλάτα [θeriˈni saˈlata] “summer salad”) is a salad in Greek cuisine. Greek salad is made with pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives (usually Kalamata olives), typically seasoned with salt and oregano, and dressed with olive oil. Common additions include the pickled leaves, buds or berries of capers (especially in the Dodecanese islands). information from wikipedia


         Greek Salad                                              2015©photography by Isadora

Recipe for Greek Salad

• 1 head crisp Romaine lettuce, washed and chopped
• 1 cucumber, sliced in quarter-inch rounds
• ½ red onion, sliced thin
• 6 ounces (approximately) black, pitted olives, sliced in half
• 2 large Roma tomatoes, diced
• ½ cup of fresh parsley, roughly chopped
• 1 cup feta cheese, crumbled

Combine the salad ingredients in a large bowl and toss.

• 1 large lemon, juiced
• ¼ teaspoon lemon zest
• 6 tablespoons olive oil
• 1 tablespoon fresh oregano, finely diced.
• Salt and pepper to taste

Place the dressing ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk until the oil and juice are incorporated. Drizzle the dressing over the salad just before serving, and toss well.
Serving Suggestions
Brush pita rounds with olive oil and grill them outdoors on a grill pan until crispy. Cut them in half and serve as an accompaniment to the salad.

Kalamata olives are traditional, but you can use a milder variety if you prefer. If fresh oregano isn’t available, substitute 1 teaspoon of dried herbs. Crush and rub the dry oregano between your palms to release the volatile oils before adding it the dressing. Substitute ½ cup of red wine vinegar if fresh lemons are not available. Get the most juice from your lemon by rolling it firmly against the counter top with the palm of your hand. Don’t throw away any leftover salad. Store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Though the lettuce softens, the flavors intensify with time, and the salad may be even more delicious the next day. ©recipe from food network.



Wine glass.webPinot Grigio –
Citrusy, light white wine
Greek Salads pair well with this wine.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh



Bench Series – March – Quiet Respite

Bench - Wooden.web

Quiet Respite                                                            2015©photography by Isadora

A mere 5 minute drive takes me to this tranquil park

where I can enjoy a quiet respite at this peaceful site.

I’m truly blessed to live close to this restful place.


Jude offers us a ‘BENCH’ challenge every month.

March is ‘Wooden Benches’.

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Wordless Wednesday – Perplexed Cat


                  Perplexed Cat                      2015©art and photography by isadoradelavega

Cat Quotations

Oh cat: I’d say, or pray: be-ooootiful cat!

Delicious cat! Exquisite cat! Satiny cat!

Cat lie a soft owl, cat with paws like moths,

jeweled cat, miraculous cat!

Cat, cat, cat, cat.

1919©Doris Lessing

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall – Church Crypt

Church A Old San Juan.web

The Franciscan Chapel underground buried crypt.

Church Old San Juan.web

Church sign The Franciscan Chapel.web

The Franciscan Chapel is located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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This week consider the walls you’ve erected and decorated,

the halls you walk down each day, or the exteriors you’ve ignored or neglected.

What do these walls reveal about a place, people, or you?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall




Wordless Wednesday – Stargazer

Fish B Stargazer.web

Stargazer                                              2015©art and photography by Isadora

Copper Art by Al De La Vega

Wordless Wednesday 1.web

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday – Create with Joy

Weekly Photo Challenge – Orange Art

Painting Nedobech 2.webArtsist Don Nedebeck                                             2015©photography by Isadora


I’ll start this week’s Orange Challenge with a painting I photographed

in my private collection by Artist Don Nedobeck.

This was a gift from Don after I hosted a weekend visit in my home with him.

Participating in an art show in my town, I was glad to welcome him to stay with us.

We’ve known Don throughout our years of doing art shows.

 My husband is a clarinet player and was quite thrilled to have this well-known famous clarinetist,

as well as artist, stay with us for the weekend.

As with many other artist I have had stay with me he was gracious to gift this original painting to us.

His artwork is known for his inclusions of cats. This is a short exerpt of his bio on his web-site.

To read more pop over here :

Profile of Don Nedobeck by Carmen Alicia Marguia

If there is one word to describe artist, storyteller, musician, husband and father Don Nedobeck, it would be expressionist. To listen to his name is to hear the sounds of basic keys on a clarinet, Ne-do-beck, and with practice it becomes more fluid. Talking with Nedobeck is like sitting in your most comfortable old worn out chair with a fat, furry feline nestled upon your chest. Besides his greatest talent of putting people at ease, he’s a man capable of anything. You see, ever since Nedobeck was a boy, he was encouraged by his parents, a Russian father, also a fine artist, and a Polish mother whose landscaped garden surpassed Boerner’s Botanical’s gardens, to use two very important gifts: his imagination and his creativity. It was his creativity that allowed him to draw life from a whimsical point of view during his “occupational development” period as Good Humor man, stock boy, grain inspector and meter reader for the gas company.


Fused Glass Art                                                                      2015©photography by Isadora

Vase-Orange-&-Yellow-A.webBlown Glass Vase                                                 2015©photography by Isadora

The two glass art pieces are in my private collection. 


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

This week, Michelle, would like us to share a group of photos where orange is either the dominant color,

or provides a bold highlight. Shoot for at least three photos, and look for different shades –

bright neons, deep rusts, delicate peaches ..…
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Wordless Wednesday – Senior de la Nariz


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