Let’s Disco Dance

Disco Dance Ball.web                                                                                                                                 Disco Dance Ball                   2014©photography by Isadora

All Disco Clubs had a disco ball that caused light refraction on the walls.

It was visually mesmerizing. Here’s a video to take you down memory lane.

Your welcome to get up and dance. 😅

12″ Disco Mix – The Ultimate Disco Mix




Weekly Photo Challenge – Luminescent Refraction

Nighttime Luminescent Refraction.web

Weekly Photo Challenge – Refraction



Kevin Conboy is looking for photo’s that show “refraction”. It could be an image taken in a reflective surface, it could be light bent from behind an object, or it could mean remedial math homework: the choice is completely up to you. He’s looking forward to seeing how you interpret “refraction.” To join in click on image.

Wordless Wednesday – Oliver

Odd Ball Photo Challenge – Travel Companions

Beach Bag.web                                                                                                                                  Beach Bag                                       2014©photography by Isadora

IPhone Charging.webNeed a Charge                    2014©photography by Isadora


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – Week 33

Dreamy Breathing Space

Kaila Dreamy Freedom.web

Dreamy Breathing Space                     2014©photography by Isadora

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the LIFE you imagined.

Dream banner 1.web


Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy

Bygone Days

Subway-turnstyle.webBygone Days                  2014©photography by Isadora

Weekly Photo Challenge – Horror Signs

Sign-Fresh Kill Hills.web A gypsy fire is on the hearth,

Sign-The Spirit Santuary A.web Sign of the carnival of mirth;

Signs-Bloody-Bathrom-2BThrough the dun fields and from the glade

Sign-Garage-Repair.webFlash merry folk in masquerade,

Sign-Out of Order A.web

For this is Hallowe’en!


Cheri Lucas Rowlands has challenged us this week to look at the word – SIGN – from whatever prospective we view through our lens. This is my view. If you’d like to join in the Weekly Photo Challenge go to the web-site by clicking on the words. Enjoy !!!!

Wordless Wednesday – Waiting

Waiting.webWaiting ©photography by Isadora     

Wordless Wednesday 1.web

Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime Twinkles


Nighttime Sparkles

The sunset was aglow with sparkles of light as the vista of St.Thomas was left behind.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

Weekly Photo Challenge – Testability of Endurance


Testability of Endurance      2014©photography by Isadora

Tough times test a person and his endurance levels. Tough times never last, but tough people do. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Endurance puts someone or something to the test to find out how useful, strong, or effective someone or something is. Endurance is the basic ability to bear something hard and painful, for a long time.

In the words of Virgil, “Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance.”

Homeless Man bed.web

Now, I Lay Me Down           2014©photography by Isadora

Endurance isn’t something everybody can show in adverse circumstances. It takes a lion’s heart to bear adversities and steer through them, bravely. Endurance is the hallmark of all great achievers. Endurance is the god-gifted ability of not only bearing a hard thing, but to turn it into glory. Endurance is a great indication of a person’s strength of character.

In the words of Thomas Carlyle, “Endurance is patience concentrated.” Endurance is always tested at some or the other stage in life. So, show great endurance levels whenever the situation demands.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Endurance 


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