Traditional Mexican Dancers From Every Angle

On a Norwegian Epic cruise in 2010, Costa Maya was one of the ports we visited.
We took a 6 hour bus ride and tour of the Chaccoben Mayan Ruins. The video at the end
of my photos was taken by the cruise line. It showcases the history and the tour we experienced.  

Upon our return, we were given the opportunity to shop and rest while enjoying a cold beverage.

While sitting in the plaza these traditional Mexican dancers put on a show for us.

It was extremely hot but with our cold beverages we enjoyed their every movement.

All of the costumes were very colorful. The beautiful lady below was wearing white because she was representing a bride.

The dance is a traditional wedding dance in which the couple unite a ribbon with their feet.

                    Costa Maya, Mexico 2015©photographs by Isadora DeLaVega

Mexican Dancers 4 Nowegian Epic.web

Mexican Dancers 2 Nowegian Epic August, 2010.web

Mexican Dancers Nowegian Epic August 2010.web

Mexican Dancers Nowegian Epic August.web

Mexican Dancers 5 Norwegian Epic August, 2010.web

Chacchoben Maya Ruins

This is the promotional tour video for the cruise line.

Badge photo W.web

Weekly Photo Challenge – From All Angles

This week – Shane Francescut – has challenged us
to create a series of photographs – From Every Angle
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Here are a few tips to help you alter your photographic composition:
• Photograph a person by beginning from their left side and slowly moving around to their right.  Always have them either look directly at you, or ask them to focus on a spot on the wall as you move.
• Take wide angle shots and tight shots.
Photograph a plate of food from slightly above, from directly above, or making sure that part of the plate is cut out of the frame.
• Photograph your child by getting down to his or her level or by standing just out of their reach as they swing on a swing.
Enjoy the process!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Fill the Frame

Food meyer-lemon macro.web       On My Own    2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega


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A Photo a Week Challenge: Fill the Frame
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A Photo a Week Challenge: One Photo – Two Treatments

Travel San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.webGolden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California

Travel San Francisco Gritty GoldenGate.webGolden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California

This is my first attempt at the challenge

Nancy of Nancy Merrill Photography is hosting.

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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Gas in the Bathroom

Ford Bathroom Sink.web

Gas in the Bathroom – 2015©photography by Isadora

Tthere’s a town called Estero just an hour south of where I live.

Ford’s Garage Restaurant is a well-known restaurant there.

Ford as in Edison Ford the automobile manufacturer.

The decor is auto parts and memorabilia.

There’s a full sized model T car hanging above the bar.

It’s a unqiue place to eat. The food is tasty and served in unique ways.

This is a photo os the sink in the ladies room.

Enjoy …. Isadora 

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Odd Ball Photo’s are are those great photos that you take

which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.

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Enjoy … !!!!


Black & White – Sepia Flowers

Flower Rose B&W B.web Solitary Rose      2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega


Flower Rose B&W.web Solitary Rose II      2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega

Flower Orchid B&W B close-up.web

Among Friends        2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega

Flower Orchid Sepia B close-up.web

Among Friends II 2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega

Flower B&W Pink Orchid B.webOrchid Solo   2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega

Flower Sepia Pink Orchid B.webOrchid Solo II    2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is

Black and White or Sepia Photos

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Cee’s Fun Foto – Burgundy Red Onion


Vegetable Red Onion.web2o15©photography by isadora delavega

Vegetable Red Onion sideview.web2015©photography by isadora delavega
Vegetable Red Onion Macro.web2015©photography by isadora delavega

Vegetable Red Onion top.web2015©photography by isadora delavega

Cee’s Fun Foto – Burgundy or Maroon 

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy Date

Creepy Metal Man 1.web2015©photography by Isadora
Creepy Metal Man.web

2015©photography by Isadora

I met this creepy formally dressed metal man in front
of a shop in the beautiful town of Cabo San Lucas.
His attire was formal but his look was a bit creepy.

Badge photo W.web

Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Michelle W. has challenged us this week to share a photograph of something creepy.
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creepy |ˈkrēpē| adjective (creepier, creepiest) informal causing an unpleasant feeling

of fear or unease: the creepy feelings one often gets in a strange house.

Grey Cocktail Hour

Martini Bar.web        Martini Bar       2015©photography by Isadora

Martini Bar.web

                     Martini Bar II       2015©photography by Isadora

Photos of the martini bar on the Celebrity Constellation cruise ship.

The color may be grey but no one was grey while sitting at it.


Travel Theme – Grey

Odd Ball Challenge – A Sunny Beach Day


Beach Chair Pink.web2015©photography by Isadora

If you want to travel light when you go to the beach
you can rent a beach chair.

Beach Chairs.webThey come in every color.


Beach Chair sign.webThere are umbrellas, lounge chairs, boogie boards, rafts and tubes, too.

Beach Umbrellas - Al.web

This summer, we’ve had a tremendous amount of rain here in Florida.

On Sunday, when the sun was shining so bright,

I couldn’t resist the temptation to go to the beach;

despite my recent back surgery.

No walking on the sand, no swimming in the water and no staying too long

but the mere hour lifted my spirits.


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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 32
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Weekly Photo Challenge – Iguana Beneath My Feet

pIguana Costa Rica.webIguana      2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega

Iguana Costa Rica B.webIguana II      2015©photography by Isadora DeLaVega

One of the places our 50th anniversary cruise
took us to was Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
Our tour included a day at the rainforest.
There was a variety of wildlife everywhere.
This lizard was on our walking path
and stayed for quite some time.
Was he posing for us?

Badge photo W.web

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath our Feet – Iguana

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